I work in a variety of media including sculpture, drawing, animation and installation. Many personal experiences have given rise to sculptural objects or drawings that hold references of a symbolic significance to me. My work is semi – autobiographical rather than this been a conscious decision on my part it just kind of evolved that way and the work sometimes acts as a record of personal experiences.

One of the principle aims for me as an artist would be that people can read my work and empathise both emotionally and visually with what the work is about. Not that I would expect people to necessarily understand what the work was specifically about, but that there is time and thought in each piece. Sometimes the work has a very definite meaning to me personally and I would use certain materials like wax, paper or cement to reinforce the sense of the work. My interest in a narrative in my own art has lead me to seek out other artists work which I to feel an empathy with most of whom are graphic illustrators such as Chris Weir, Seth and Jason Lutes to name a few although there are artists also like Dorothy Cross and Louise Bourgeois also.

Over the last number of years my growing interest in drawing has also lead me into the field of animation. Working as a sculptor I feel that this development is a natural one since animation lends a sculptural element to drawing. These are sometimes ‘doodles’ concerned mainly with the motion and the texture of the animation and others are parts of a story to be continued although the story itself maybe inconclusive some elements are actual personal events. As an artist I feel that my interest in drawing asserts a certain ephemeral and narrative element to my sculptures and I find the more I work on both the more they enable me to develop and the more I understand about each form of expression.

Presently I am an associate member of www.circulobellasartes.com and working from latabacalera.net in the Lavapies district of Madrid.

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