Installation at ‘Hardboiled solo exhibition 2008’


Wood, plaster, fabric, video projection and found objects.

210 x 108 x 246 cm - (h x w x d)

The idea for this installation began with a conversation I once had with my mother about the creation of man and her beliefs in Adam and Eve. I began first to imagine Adam and Eve at the tree of knowledge and that Adam had shot Eve. An impossible scenario but I imagined the people and the objects accumulating through time. Random objects in a random place at a random time. A tree, a hotel room, an open window like a paper back pulp fiction novel but one which can never be solved.

The window open and the curtains blowing symbolize the parting of a spirit. It is an old custom in the west of Ireland that when someone dies in a room a window is opened to allow the spirit to pass out. The tree signifies the cyclical momentum of life and death and the chalked out figure presents the immediate physical ‘hollow’ left after the passing of a loved one.